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Protiviti’s Data Management and Advanced Analytics practice offers certified SAP BusinessObjects and Business Intelligence consulting, training and support. For more information or to contact us, please click here.

Customizing your business intelligence plan varies from client to client. Whether you are a small to medium-sized company new to BI or a Fortune 500 company with years of experience, we have a proven and customizable methodology that will add value to whatever stage you may be in.

Our consultants will evaluate your business needs, time constraints and technology environment and determine the best roadmap to success. Not only are our consultants certified to deliver SAP BusinessObjects consulting, training and technical support, they also have strong expertise in everything these products require to provide for a successful implementation. As a result, our consultants have experience with all major database vendors, operating systems, hardware vendors, web servers, mail servers, and development languages.

Our core competencies include:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Management
  • Location intelligence
  • Enterprise Performance Management

Our business intelligence practice covers decision support systems, query and reporting, online analytical processing, and data mining. Our highly experienced consultants know how to make the best use of BI technologies, enabling you to access the information you need, analyze it, and share standardized reports and dashboards across your enterprise and beyond.

Our data warehousing and data management practice provides end-to-end services such as strategy setting, project scoping, source system analysis, data profiling, data modeling and ETL design – all architected to maximize the SAP BusinessObjects product offering.

Our location intelligence practice combines SAP BusinessObjects technology with server-based products from ESRI, to create a custom solution including software and best run practices that will ensure a positive ROI and significant competitive advantage. With our technical expertise, your firm will be able to solve site location questions, target customers, evaluate trade areas, optimize resources and forecast performance in an automated and efficient way.

The goal of our enterprise performance management practice is to transform your organization into one that is performance-driven by linking together your processes and data to provide a common view of your business. This common view enables you to monitor, analyze and report on information coming in from all areas of your business including partners, vendors and customers.

We have worked with hundreds of clients in defining the appropriate BI solutions for their organization. These engagements have ranged from:

  • initial assessments to set BI strategy and roadmaps
  • review of existing data warehouse environments and recommendations
  • data model assessments
  • data model development
  • design and development of enterprise data warehouse solutions
  • design and development of targeted data mart solutions
  • design and development of operational reporting solutions
  • design and development of dashboard and analytic solutions
  • design and development of location intelligence solutions
  • master data management implementations
  • data integration implementations

In each of these engagements, we worked with the business stakeholders and IT groups to define the appropriate solution for the organization. If you are interested in a BI or Data Quality Health Check to see how your organization measures-up, click here.

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